How can you improve your home interior with some basic modern decorating ideas and tips?

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Basic modern decorating ideas. How basic can it be?

To start off, first and most important thing that should be on your mind are the colors. This is the main thing you should put focus on. You can mix some basic colors like black and white and get elegant, minimalistic feel straight away. Keep in mind that choosing colors should also fit your decor and furniture as well. Lots of modern interiors rely on white and black combination. It is simple, but it surely looks great.

Your ceilings should definitely have a different color. White is pretty basic and it looks good in most cases. You could paint the walls black, or even better create black and white patterns. For this kind of design, having lots of pictures to fill the wall is a nice idea. Abstract pictures could really bring that extra spice to the room.

When you are aiming for this kind of design, it all comes to simplicity. You should mostly focus on the said colors. You can add variants, but nothing that would stand out too much, unless that is your aim.

Modern black and white interiors usually have big open spaces, especially the living room. In most scenarios you would see black and white sofas, some might look normal, some might look a bit different. If you aim for a completely modern design, you might as well go with something different. Unique shapes stand out the most.

Whatever you do, it all comes to playing with colors in the end. If you have a modern looking white sofa, you could throw in some black or dark grey pillows around. Remember, these 2 colors matter the most.

If your aim really is completely modern, minimalistic black and white setting, another great thing to have in the room are big windows. They really do stand out compared to normal ones.

Plants can come in handy, but not in every room. You have to keep a certain balance of what you are going to add to the room. If you add too many things, it will lose that modern, minimalistic feel.

This design stands out just because it is simple, but it has special ordering and unique shapes.

Most important thing are not really details. If your aim is to keep it minimalistic, just put in a sofa, table, perhaps a chair or two, and some plants. Your main aim is to set up a living room with basic furniture. It has to breathe, it has to have enough wide and open space. The only details that could stand out are pictures on the wall, especially abstract ones. You could also get some unique looking chairs as well, but remember, let the room breathe. Do not put in too many items, decorations or furniture. Modern looking bookshelf could easily fill in a spot that might look empty. It is a simple trick, it won't take out too much of your space, but it will add that extra spice to your room.

To summarize. Basic modern decorating ideas. It all comes to simplicity. Colors are your main concern in a modern design. If you are aiming for black and white interior design, you should not be having too many problems trying to figure out where to put certain things. As long as your room has enough space and looks great even with few items, you are on the right way.

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