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Creative DIY Wall Art Ideas for Any Home

Whether you are a parent with a 3 bedroom home, a single professional in an apartment, a college student in a dorm or still living at home; you have walls that need to be decorated - unless you enjoy staring at blank, depressing walls! So if you have some free time, enjoy being creative and want wall decorations that can turn those empty spaces into something worth staring at, then here are some affordable DIY wall decoration ideas:

Create a paper rosette backdrop

Paper rosettes are probably the quickest and easiest way to add color to any space. Whether it's a tiny little space barely big enough to swing a cat in or so big you need binoculars to see to the other side! and all you need is paper, craft glue and an empty space that needs decorating! And the best part is that you can use any paper you please. Every color of the rainbow, patterned or plain, thin as tissue or thick as cardboard - the choices are literally endless!

You can make your rosettes out of just one type of paper, or combine different types to add more variety. You're not even limited by how big your paper rosettes can be, because any size will do. You can make a single rosette to fill up a space, or create a complex multi-layered design that catches the eye and will keep your mind occupied for hours! And if you're looking for inspiration then just use your favorite search engine to find decorative paper rosette ideas!

Create quilled monogram letters

If you like the idea of turning your name into an eye catching DIY wall decoration, then this project is the perfect idea. And if you have oodles of patience you could even use this idea to recreate your favorite inspirational quote. But if you don't want your DIY decorating efforts to take up too much time then you can create a single large letter out of rolled coils of colored paper! Whichever option you decide on, they are all absolutely beautiful and because they're handmade - always unique!

It is easiest to begin with letters, but as long as your basic design has straight lines, corners and thin paths for the quills to follow the sky is the limit. You will need to start with a sturdy frame made from thick paper or thin board, and then you're going to need a whole lot of rolled paper coils. They can be short or long, and tightly or loosely coiled - the choice is yours! And your final design can be breathtaking in its simplicity or so complex that you can't tell where on coil ends and the next begins!

These are just two of the DIY wall decor projects that I have decorating my own walls here at home, but there are literally dozens of others including string wall art and melted crayon canvasses, among others. And all you need to turn those drab, dreary walls into a conversation starter or eye catching statement is patience, something like newspaper or drop cloths to protect your carpets, tables and any other surfaces plus a little bit of creative flair.

Oh, it might also be a good idea to start hanging onto the wrapping paper from gifts, stocking up on colored paper from your favorite discount store and investing in large quantities of craft glue. Because when those three things are combined with a little time and creative thinking the results can be so utterly amazing that you might not want to stop - EVER!

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