How can you create harmony by decorating with consciousness?

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You bought a house, leased an apartment, found office space, just got that RV you have always wanted or just want to redecorate. Now what? You consider yourself eco friendly, creative, and in tune with nature. You are drawn to ancient cultures, religious symbols and enjoy traveling. Well, even if that isn't you, you have decided that you want harmony in your space and want your being to be able to expand and revitalize when you are in your dwelling. So how do I go about decorating with consciousness?

You ask yourself--how do I consciously decorate this space as a reflection of my growth and an outward illustration of the love and light that I possess? I can see how that would be an overwhelming task, however, break it down, take it in layers. What is this room’s purpose? Figure out what you want your space to reflect, how you want your room to embrace its guests, visualize your room. Find the room's energy, imagine what it would say to you, how it breathes, what color does it want to wear.

Close your eyes. Imagine the walls stark white, walk into the room and then open them, what colors were revealed to you? Now that you have your colors, quiet your mind, meditate, go for a walk, get into nature, and focus on the colors, on the room's language, let it speak to you. Imagine the room like a canvas; put the furniture in positions that still allow the room to breathe, visualize the art work, photographs, décor you want to embellish the walls with.

Do they speak the same language you are speaking? Do they reflect the consciousness that you are portraying in the room? Can they tell a story or do they confuse the onlooker? Is your art work in harmony with your furniture? Do they understand each other, complement one another? Be cognizant of how you feel in the room. Am I restful, anxious, happy, saddened, drained, hopeful – does it feel warm, cold or indifferent?

Be present with your room, allow it to penetrate your energy, are you in harmony with it. Ask your friends and family how they feel when they are in the room. Try to avoid clutter, but do adorn the space with objects that act as small vibrational sources, silent waves of music that weave all the layers or your room together.

Have the last thing that you decorate consciously be the window. You must ask yourself, what the window's function is. Is it to let light in, is it to be covered to cool off a room, covered to provide a deep sleep or is it to look out of. Don’t let fear be your driving force, imagine the room with different window treatments, and see how the room responds in your mind to the different ways to decorate it. Have you created a restriction, or have you kept the balance in the room? This might be the most challenging to stay present and conscious with. Just keep breathing and checking into the room's energy.

Once the space is complete you should have a feeling of extreme serenity and a oneness with the room, as if the energy of the room and your own personal vibration charge each other. Trust the process, trust your intuition and mostly trust the language you and the room are communicating in. Take it slow and just allow the space to speak to you. By decorating with consciousness, you will be amazed at what it feels like to live in harmony not only within yourself but also within where you live.

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