How do I create a unique wall art for an awkward location?

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Shopping for just the right piece of unique wall art for an odd space can be an exciting adventure or a lengthy process ending with a piece that exceeds your budget or falls short of your expectations. However, using a little creativity and planning to make your own unique wall art can help to avoid a disastrous outcome. Making a polished arrangement of wall art that fits perfectly in your space can be easy and inexpensive.

Difficulty: Moderately Easy     

Things You'll Need:

Craft or Art Paper in Several Patterns

Picture Frames (Identical or a Variety of Sizes and Styles)



Tape Measure

Pencil and Paper to Write Measurements


1. Measure the area of the wall where the art should hang. Take a few minutes to consider how much space is available on the desired wall. Measure vertically and horizontally to get an estimate of the amount of space you need to fill.

2. Think about several colors that would compliment the color scheme of the room. This is an opportunity to add vibrant or new colors without committing to a time consuming change such as painting the walls.

3. Gather fabric samples or take photos so that the rooms current color scheme is available for reference when selecting paper to frame to make your unique wall art.

4. Consider keeping it cohesive by matching the frames to the furniture. For example: if the furniture in the room is mostly white washed think about purchasing white washed frames. However, don't be afraid to mix colors and styles. This is an opportunity to be creative!

5. Go to a craft store or art supply store to purchase paper and frames. (Unique frames can also be found resale shops.) Using the color scheme you think will look best in the room, select several pieces of paper. Consider tying theart together by choosing several pieces of paper with the same color scheme in different patterns and several frames of the same size.

6. Frame the paper. Cut it if necessary, but make sure to check that you like how the pattern is cropped before cutting and framing.

7. Determine how to hang the frames. Lay them on a flat surface that is the same size as the wall space (measured in Step 1) and arrange the frames in an appealing layout. Keep in mind identical frames create a modern look by hanging them in a row. Different style or size frames create an eclectic look when hung at varying heights and distances.

8. Use the hammer and nails to hang the frames in your desired location.

9. Step back and enjoy your unique wall art!

Tips & Warnings:

It's helpful to get a second opinion when determining the layout of the frames.

Children may also enjoy getting involved in selecting paper, frames and layout, but be sure an adult does the hammering.

Make sure to measure the amount of space between each frame in the final layout before hammering nails into the wall.

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