What is the best method when you want to decorate with real pine cones?

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There is something fervently festive about using what nature provides while decorating. Outside there is an abundance of nature’s gifts just waiting to make a house cozy for the holiday season.

Pine cones and acorns cover the ground, crunching beneath feet of individuals eager to get outdoors into the crispy air. Falling leaves drift in the chilly breezes creating a cascade of orange, yellow, or red. Buying decorations at this time of year can be so daunting due to everything else that comes with the holiday season (food, gifts, travel, etc.). It would be a shame not to use all these precious items that nature provides. How would someone be able to decorate with real pine cones?

Stores have nailed the concept of the human appreciation for the outdoors, filling their shelves with a mind boggling amount of nature’s decorations. You can walk into these retailers and find pine cones dipped in smelly wax or acorns dappled with glitter. For a certain price, you can find them in forms from wreaths to ornaments.

One year I decided that I too wanted to be a part of that tradition and cover my house with a wooded theme at Christmas. As soon as I made it into the store my eyes glistened and my nose filled with the smell of cinnamon. Finding what I envisioned in my head, I picked up the nearest bag of pine cones and checked out the price. Immediately my spirit sank because I soon understood that a third of my budget would be just in phony pine cones. Dispirited, I left the store with nothing and headed home to reevaluate my plan.

Pulling into the driveway of my house, I was brainstorming the best way to create my dream decorations without breaking the bank. Stepping out of my car, my foot touching the ground by made a small ‘crunch.' Under my shoe was a crushed acorn, one of the hundreds laying in my driveway. They were everywhere, coating the cement with their spherical bodies, have fallen from my very own tree. Grabbing my children and a couple buckets, we walked around the neighborhood and collected all the acorns and pine cones we could find. Taking them inside, we thoroughly washed them in the sink, placing them beneath wine glasses as lovely candle holders. I had decorated my house for free using what was provided right outside my front door.

Within a week I realized I had made a huge mistake. Moisture from the water filled the inside of the glass and worms that had lived in the acorns came crawling out. I had to think. How do you decorate with real pine cones and not have the rest of nature with it? To correct the matter, I tossed those decorations and brought in more, and this time after washing them, I spread them out in a single layer on a cookies sheet. Turning the oven to 350 degrees, I baked the acorns and pine cones for thirty minutes. Not only did this eliminate the moisture inside them after washing, but killed any bugs that might be living in the acorns. I put them in my wine glass candle holders, and they were perfect for the rest of the Christmas season.

I saved money for the year and many more to come as a result. This method is so effective that the acorns and pine cones can be stored with your other decorations in plastic bags for years to come!

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