What are the Best Cheap Decorating Tips?

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Good interior decorating is valuable. When a home has been decorated the rooms look polished and put together and the house will tell a story about the homeowner's lifestyle. This is important if you entertain colleagues in your home and you wish to promote the continuing professional appearance that you are organized, clean and current. But, if you are like most people you don't have a big budget that will allow you to hire a professional decorator. To achieve well appointed rooms that have the WOW factor you want doesn't have to be expensive. What you need are cheap decorating tips.

The first cheap decorating tips designers use include cleaning, repairing and painting the space. Remove everything from the room and give the room a good scrub. Repair all visible defects and damage and paint everything. Paint covers old problems, grime and bad color choices. Paint is often called the best decorating tool of all. Select excellent neutral foundation colors that will create the best base for your room. Make your trim pop with satin finish crisp white paint. By the time you are done the shell of your room will look fresh and updated.

The next cheap decorating tips show you how to transform your furniture. If your furniture is stained or torn it is less expensive to make fitted slipcovers than it is to buy new furniture. A slipcover is a durable, pre-washed fabric cover that is made to fit over the existing furniture. If you have purchased your slipcovers, the first thing to do is throw them in the wash. This will shrink the covers and remove the factory sizing. Turn the cover inside out and fit it on the furniture. Most will have a sloppy fit. The designer simply pins along the seams to correct the fit and then takes the cover off and sews along the pins. The fitted cover will make it look like the sofa was purchased with a slipcover style. Slipcovers not only cover up stains and damage, they also change the color of the furniture into a neutral.

Transform dated wood furniture by sanding off the finish of the wood furniture and painting the wood an updated paint color. If you are going for a beachy look to go with your new white slipcovers give your old tables and chairs a distressed look. Sand down the wood and paint the furniture your accent color. Let it dry and then paint it with a crackle finish. After the crackle dries, paint the furniture in a soft white. The white will crack and allow the accent color to peek through. This gives your room a whitewashed look that is modern and casual. If you are going for a more traditional look. Sand and paint your furniture in a dark espresso color. This will contrast with your new slipcovers making both pop. Cover your old pillows with new fabric remnants.

These simple designer tips can save you money and help you create fabulous decorated rooms.

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