I would like to add charm to my home, How can I find more information on Interior Home Decorating?

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Creating charm in your home will make your house special, to everyone that visits. Your family members will love coming home to your house, when it is furnished with wonderful memories, relaxing decor and fun activities. Browsing through Interior Home Decorating books will give you ideas on making your home special.

Saving Money- Furniture outlets, wholesalers and the Internet are great places to look for discount prices. Call local vendors to ask for sale dates and closeouts. Search the Internet for wholesale furniture outlets and antiques. Be careful of high shipping prices.

Color- Choose a color scheme that works well with your family and buy towels, pillows and placemats to match. Use black and white as accents around the house to bring out the beauty of your home.

Fun Activities- Make a special place for board games, Chess and T.V.. In the winter fill it with a basket of snacks that everyone loves. Pick a family game night and make homemade pizza and snacks that everyone will remember. Make sure to have comfortable seating and good lighting.

Lighting- Glass and mirrors reflect light and will add beauty to your home. A glass front door and glass crystal vases will add class and style to any room. Check room lighting to make sure there are dimmer switches in each room. Small lamps and nightlights are good accents. Use floor lights to show off artwork and special photos. Recessed Lighting and Track Lighting help to keep your home updated and stylish. Lighting in patio areas and flower beds show off beautiful foliage and help visitors to see on walkways and patios.

Interior Home Decorating is easy and fun....... bring the whole family out shopping and let the kids pick out special things that will remind them of home.

Friends- Bring a friend along to help pick out special items and pictures. Someone that knows you well will have a good idea of what you are going to love in your home. Try to pick a friend that has a great style in her home and loves to shop!

Save tags and receipts in case items do not match. If you find a item that you are not sure will match....Buy it!.....Take it home and try it out....Return it the next day if it doesn't look right. You will be suprised at how many things look great that you were not sure would fit in with your decor.

Paint and wallpaper samples- collect paint and wallpaper samples and return home to put it all together. Bring pillow shams and pictures to your local paint store to have the perfect color mixed just for you. Computers can customize a paint color that matches your favorite bed spread, oil painting, or drapes.

Let the sales people help! Salespersons at furniture stores, Paint and wallpaper shops know decorating! Tell them what you need and what style yor are looking for. Interior Home Decorating books have color charts that you can use to pick the perfect color scheme.

Take before and after photos! A great way to inspire future projects is before and after photos....

Enjoy your new home....

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