What is shabby chic and how can I incorporate the design into my home?

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It was not until the 1980's that designer and hobbyist originally coined the term for renovating antique furniture found in garage sales and flea markets, Shabby Chic. To get the Shabby Chic look in your own home or apartment it is really quite simple to do, scout around your neighborhood yard sales or the flea market for distressed furniture pieces. The key to getting the Shabby Chic feel is by staying with soft colors (pastels) and soft prints (floral prints). Some of the more favorable colors include: pink, white or ivory, muted grays and even some faded greens. Here is an example, a worn out patio chair can be sanded down, removing the rust and debris, painted white or ivory (any shade will do), then reupholster the chair with worn slipcovers that can be purchased from a thrift store. Alternatively, you can even ask family and friend if they have any, they would be willing to part with, decorate with a shawl or throw blanket, and there you have a Shabby Chic look. Do not be afraid to think outside the box while decorating; make use of items outside the realm of what they are actually supposed to be used for. An ordinary side chair can be made to look extraordinary by using it as a table to hold a vase or a stack of magazines for guests to read, even a stack of wooden boxes can be sanded, painted and used as a corner shelf to house all of favorite books and knick-knacks and other little trinkets.

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