How do you discover your decorating style?

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Answered by: Faith Taylor, An Expert in the Decor Styles Category
Does the thought of decorating a house or even a small room overwhelm your mind? Do you feel the immediate need to dive into books and Internet sites in hopes of discovering your style? I think so because decorating from scratch can be a daunting and stressful task. Incorporating ideas and color scheme into a home may cause undo and insecure feelings about the image you wish to project to your friends and family. In another words it makes you feel vulnerable.

We have been conditioned since kindergarten that certain colors, patterns, and items of beauty are uniform and not to be deliberated. Yet even a small child knows what pleases them. Unfortunately, after years of conformity we surrender and go with the flow. Decorating can mildly trigger your true, hidden, or forgotten sense of pleasure. Fortunately, there is not a set of rules for decorating that is strictly taboo or correct. For that reason, I will give you some helpful hints on finding your style and incorporating them into a personal design that you will enjoy.

First, look through decorating books and magazines to find room settings with eye pleasing elements. Perhaps it’s a couch, a piece of art, furniture arrangement or the color that catches your eye. The public library is an excellent place to find design books which tend to be expensive to purchase. After reviewing, taking notes and getting some general ideas, you may want to invest in a book or two. Magazines are cheaper and have décor galore. Purchase a few magazines and tear out pages of desired style. Make a design diary out of pages you like and circle any particular colors and styles which are pleasing.

I find my style changes too often to invest in a theme. Themes can become a handicap because of overload. One or two pieces of a theme you enjoy, for instance animal print, can be used to bring out your personality without overloading the senses and therefore cause to décor to bore you quickly.

Finding your style may not be a quick process but it is worth it. Otherwise, it is tempting to just cover bare walls and windows with whatever you can find. Once your style emerges you will begin to notice that certain colors, patterns, and types of furniture consistently appear in your diary. It makes no difference if the style you choose mixes some old world with traditional pieces, or shabby chic with country overtones. Call it what you want, but there are no mistakes with your personal style because it’s what you like.

Choose no more than two or three colors to integrate and carry those colors with you at all times. It may surprise you where you objects that match perfectly. Paint chip samples are small and easy to carry.

Choosing wall color is most overwhelming aspect of style. Consider painting one of the colors from your chosen palette to pair with somewhat neutral large pieces; or paint walls with a neutral color and add your color scheme with accessories like pillows, drapes, and rugs. Discovering your style saves money and time in the long run and gives you all the necessary skills to decorate professionally.

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