How can I liven up white walls?

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So you’ve decided to sign the lease on that apartment that you’ve wanted because you’re smitten by the high ceilings and that spacious boudoir. Your mind races with how much potential the apartment has and how you are going to make it uniquely you—but then you think about your limited budget and the walls. Those sterile, white, unremarkable walls!

Unfortunately, most property rentals today are characterized by that lackluster color du jour—white. Since it is against many lease agreements to mark the walls, many renters become discouraged with their limited styling options. Luckily, there are many things that can be done to liven up white walls and turn them into a simple backdrop against chic DIY décor.

The Wall of Frames!

A picture is worth a thousand words, so imagine what a whole wall would say! Liven up white walls with framed photographs! Go to your local thrift store and buy a bunch of old picture frames. Try to choose different sizes and shapes, and don’t worry about color. Next, sand them for a smooth finish and then paint them whatever colors you want! Have a wall of black and white frame photos and frames for a classic space, or lomographic prints in colorful frames for a more eclectic effect!

Easy Fabric Panels

Another way to liven up those parched white walls are DIY fabric panels. This project is cost efficient and there are endless possibilities to the size and color you can work with. Decorative fabric panels are the latest trend in home décor, and they are oftentimes very pricy. You can create your own fabric wall panels with the same results and not even a quarter of the cost!

All you need for this project are a heavy duty staple gun and staples, four lengths of wood frame used for canvases (the corners are created to interlock), and your choice of ironed fabric.

1.     Interlock the four lengths of wood to form your panel frame (choose your size).

2.     Lay your fabric out, décor side down, and make sure it is about two inches longer than the panels (you’ll need enough fabric to wrap around the back of the frame).

3.     Place the frame on top of the fabric and staple the fabric onto the edge of the frame, being mindful to keep it stretched tight over the frame.

4.     Trim off extra fabric that is left over the inner edge of the frame.

5.     Hang up and enjoy!

Add a touch of collage!

No wall, regardless of color, is complete without a collage. A very fun, stylish, and inexpensive DIY is a plate collage! Plate collages give the effect of a three dimensional gust of color strewn about the wall, and you can purchase decorated plates from your favorite store, thrift around for vintage ones, or even decorate your own with spray paint for uniformity. Adhere them to the wall in whatever pattern you choose!

It’s time to give those white walls some optimism! Use your imagination and create a story on your walls. Use your rental limitations to get creative and make your new rental property uniquely you!

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