What are the best room painting tips for my living room?

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When you are looking at refreshing or totally changing the look of your living room, paint is a fast, easy way to make a statement. One of the biggest issues that my family faces is that we are currently renting a house so we are not looking to make a major investment but want to stamp our own personality in the rooms we live in. Paint is the answer so allow me to share some living room painting tips.

Of course, most landlords do not want to see neon green or electric blue on the walls, so we have found from hours of pouring over paint chips and obsessively watching home decorating shows that earth tones work the best. I know you are sighing heavily when you think of another off-white wall but let me tell you that earth tones run the gamut from blah to fabulous. The best tip I can give you is coordination as well. You need to pick the tones that are carried throughout your decor as well.

Take advantage of samples from your local paint store and try them out and live with them on the walls for several days. True story, my wife fell in love with a paint chip that she just had to have on our walls. We did a sample section for three days and realized it looked like mold. Not a pretty color and it just make the whole room look nasty. Through trial and error we found colors in our existing art and pillows that we pulled out and used.

Find a shade that ties the room together and build from that and use pops of color. We hear that all the time on popular shows such as Clean House where they give fast fun room painting tips. In our case, we have two short half walls that run between our living room and dining room. We coordinated a deep creamy tan with a rich warm caramel to give our room depth and dimension. From boring white to warm and deep tones throughout, now our room is rich and inviting.

Another one of my room paint tips that I have for painting and refreshing your room is to not forget the trim and doors. You realize that you don't have to stick with white but can use these parts of the room as pops of color as well. Nothing makes a room look cleaner then clean trim and unmarked doors. Be sure that there are no dents or dings in these either. It is a simple fast fix to use filler and sandpaper to give the room a fresh newly built look. Your goal is to make the room look brand new and nothing is faster than paint. A few hours and voila! A few fast fun room painting tips and you are good to go.

Take your time, involve the entire family and make it fun and you will have not only a great looking room but you have memories as well.

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